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PAWS is made up of a hard-working group of part-time local and expat volunteers committed to protecting animal welfare in Kuwait. PAWS’ aim in forming, in late 2003, was to open Kuwait’s first officially licensed shelter for injured, lost or abandoned animals. Until PAWS was established, nothing was being done to address the issue of stray, abandoned and injured animals in our country, (in any organised way). The first phase of our shelter project opened in July 2005. Although a building was donated, every development to turn this site into a shelter has been carried out painstakingly through donation and fundraising. We are unfunded by any private or municipality source and every brick, fence and can of paint has been gifted or purchased through donations.

As a non profit, volunteer led charity; we depend on caring people to give up even an hour or two per month to spend time walking dogs, or playing with the kittens. This is fun for the animals and for the people involved. Animals are given an opportunity to learn to trust people and have fun through volunteer one-on-one time! Not a dog person? Come spend time with our cats and kittens! Please consider the donation of your time to help out at the shelter. For those volunteers who go the extra mile and help out on rescue missions, “THANK YOU”. You help us to make a difference, when there simply is no one to come and help instantly! Your continued support is greatly appreciated and makes all the difference.

Would you like to help? Consider donating time, services or other means of support. Invite our educational outreach team to give a presentation to your students or interest group. We welcome visitors to our shelter by appointment. Text or email for more information. Take an active part in our community venture, The new PAWS Shelter Project!

Help PAWS be a voice for those who don’t have one!


48 Responses to About PAWS

  1. Saleem says:

    I would like to know the procedure to import my dog from INDIA to KUWAIT.
    My following queries:-

    1. wht document are required at Indian airport and Kuwait airport to clear him ?

    2. Do we need an agent in India for any procedure?

    3. Is there quarantine period in Kuwait/India?

    4. Which all airlines allow pet transport? Kindly advise which airline is the best?

    Hope to receive a positive and serious reply from someone who has dealt with these procedures.

  2. J. Mashraki says:

    I am a regular vendors in your dog show and a regular contributor in the PAWS.I would like to be a vendor in your upcoming dog show 2014 in the British premises or wherever the event is going to be held.Kindly let me know if any other details are required.Eagerly waiting for your reply.

  3. MK says:

    Dear dog lovers ,

    We`re opening our new dogs kennel for training and hotelling . If u need any of our help you may just call 99574754 or visit our web site for more info. http://www.kw-k9kennel.com


  4. Fiona Dsouza says:

    I need your location to surrender a male 5 month pup mix breed

  5. Mark says:

    I have a 7 year old cat (female) that I need to leave for free to someone that can give her a good home. She is an indoor cat and has never been outside other than going to the vet. All accessories and food for the cat will be provided also. I leave Kuwait on May 22. If interested please call 9981-3745

  6. Dunja Radojcic says:

    Dear animal lovers, I want to inform you that there is a group of dogs wandering in Mahboula around Lateefa Towers. Some of them are house dogs left by owners for sure. This fall the new school is opening close by, and I am affraid that all of them are going to be killed. I don’t have an option of giving them a home :( but maybe you jave an idea what to do…

    I already saved 3 kitties, have small apartment and long working hours so no space or time for doggy…

    As well I am an animal lover, had a dog, rescued couple of them and found them home. Saving little injured birds, turtles, everything… My friends, Ms Iva and Ms Sonya are volonteering at Paws, they can recommend me if necessary. I want to join you and help, but my days off are never Friday or Saturday. Is it possible to come on other days, Monday, Tuesday?

    Hope for the best!


  7. siham says:

    I am looking for a small dog for my kids. I live in an apartment that’s
    why I want a small dog. My children age is 14 and 10 years old.


  8. I have a dog
    I need help

  9. Maddie says:

    hello i’d like your email i really need to get in touch with you,
    i adopted a dog from paws and would like to volunteer thank you
    reply as soon as possible by email

  10. samy says:

    my daughter want to spend sometime voluntering with animal care. can I have your phone number and address. Thanks

  11. alaa says:

    i found the faresi cat is good one ineed help cuze i cant to helpthe cat to life my no. is 65050627

  12. khaled says:

    I need a dog trainer please

  13. Helen Cremer says:

    i have been trying to reach someone. I have 2 cats i got from paws and i am leaving kuwait. I need help in doing this. Please call me, thank you. 94477290 or 90096558.

  14. Dear Loren,
    We forwarded your comment to our shipment coordinators. They will check out with Kuwait authorities and reply to you by email.

  15. Loren Garth says:

    Ok this is less about paws and more about claws. I have an iguana that is just over 2 feet long (body and tail) and I was wondering if I could take him to Kuwait. If so do you recommend any companies. I probably wont be doing this for another 9 months. By then he may be 2.5 feet… He, Godzilla, is gonna love the warm weather.

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