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PAWS: Kuwait – Pet Adoption Application

Please fill in all details below if you wish to adopt pet.

Please note, all visitors to PAWS’ shelter are by appointment only. If you do not receive an immediate reply please be patient. Visitors without pre-arranged appointments will not be admitted. Every field on this form must to be filled in in order for this form to work, if question not applicable, please type NA.

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Please provide details on the type of pet you wish to adopt (cat, dog, pup, kitten-specify gender and activity level or if this does not matter)

Pet to Adopt

Describe the activity level in your home. This will help us match a pet to your lifestyle: Busy (visits by friends, meetings, children, parties; Noisy: (TV, Tools, children playing, dogs barking) Moderate: (Normal comings and goings) Quiet: (homebodies, few guests) Other:

Activity at Home

If you live in rented accommodation can you provide a landlord's permission letter if required?

Rented Accommodation
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If you are interested in adopting a dog do you have a secure outdoor area which the dog may have safe access to?:

Secure Outdoor
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PAWS cats and kittens are indoor pets. Are you able to keep the cat indoors at all times?

Keep the cat/dog indoors
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List All Animals in household

Give a list of pets owned in the past: Include: breed, reason no longer with you, (if deceased, please give age and cause of death)

Pets owned in the Past

Do you have young children at home? Please give ages & gender

Young Children

How many hours will your pet be alone on an average working day?

Pet Alone

Does anyone in your household have allergies to animals?


In the event you are away on vacation or business who will care for your pet(s)

Away on Vacation

In the event you relocate to another country, what would you do with your adopted pet? Please be specific


Are you willing to provide appropriate food and treats, plus annual vaccinations for your pet

Willing to Provide Pet Care
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If you adopt a pet too young to have been neutered by PAWS, do you agree to have the pet neutered/spayed when the pet is old enough (We can arrange the surgery for you at discounted rates)

Agree to have the pet Neutered/Spayed
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Are you prepared to allow a visit from our Adoption Placement co-ordinator to your home both before and after the adoption is completed

Adoption Placement Co-ordinator
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Are you interested in receiving more information about a rescue pictured on our website? (Please be aware, this might not be a suitable rescue for your circumstances. We respectfully ask you to be guided by our knowledge of PAWS rescued pets regarding compatibility)

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Do you understand that there is an adoption fee of 50 KD for mixed breed male cats and dogs and 100 KD for 'pure breed' pets & that this cannot be refunded under any circumstances (all fees for pet adoptions go directly to assist the veterinary, care and boarding expenses of the rescued animals in PAWS' care)

Adoption Fee (required)

Please read the following statements: I agree to ensure that this pet is never subjected to inhumane treatment. I understand a dog is never to be kept chained or tied outdoors or inside. I understand that this pet must live inside as part of my family. I understand that damage to home, self or property caused by an adopted pet will not be compensated for by PAWS. NB: Any rescued pet requires patient introduction to (sometimes) first homes. I understand that if, for any reason this pet adoption is unsuccessful, I must return the pet to PAWS and may not rehome it or have the pet returned, without permission from a PAWS committee member. Your comments with respect to the statement above: ... and any other comments/concerns you may have?

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