Bella – Rescued Kitten for rehome

Bella – rescue kitten. Needs rehoming.

Bella was found in the middle of a street, only 3 weeks old, next to her mother, who was killed by a car. Bella was crying so loud and everybody noticed, but looked the other way. Cars were driving past and over her, but for some reason she avoided to be hit by cars. She was extremely small, skinny and dirty. In fact I thought she was gray. I couldn’t help but take her with me. She was so hungry. After a bath and some kitten milk and kitten food she turned out to be a beautiful kitten, white with gray spots and very lively. I took her to the Vet right after and he told me, that despite of her being so skinny and small, she was very healthy.

She must be about 7 weeks old now and is a happy, fully potty trained lovely kitten who is looking for a loving home. Unfortunately we cannot keep her, since we have 3 other cats and 2 dogs. She goes along very well with the other dogs and cats, but for us it is too many animals.
Please, if you can give this beauty a home, we will pay for the first 2 shots at the vet.

Sincerely, Lone Bach
Ph.: 90987910

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7 Responses to Bella – Rescued Kitten for rehome

  1. Miriam says:

    Dear All,
    I have a huge fluffy golden Persian cat with a huge orange eyes. The owners have abandoned this beautiful cat and as a neighbor, am taking care of it. Anyone interested can call me at 60960861.

    Its FREE by the way!

    This is how the cat looks..


  2. Michaela Henkel says:

    Dear Lone,
    I´m glad that I could adopt her. She is a lovely and playful kitten. I will leave a donation for Paws…Sincerely Michaela

  3. Lone Bach says:

    Hi everyone,

    This little kitten was adopted by a lovely lady, who also adopted 2 other rescued kittens from the streets. Thank you so much, Michaela. You are a true angel.

    Sincerely Lone.

  4. Lone Bach says:

    Hi Hinar,
    She is free of charge, but if You will adopt her, I will encourage you to leave a donation in favor of Paws.

    Sincerely, Lone Bach

  5. Lone Bach says:

    Hi Hinar,
    she is free of charge, but please leave a small donation for paws, if You adpt her.

  6. Please contact Lone directly. PAWS will appreciate if you do some donations directly or online by donate button. Thanks.

  7. Hina Anwar says:

    i want this cute kitty …please tell me the price of it …!!!