Cat found – Ahmadi, 9th Street

2013_09_18_FoundCatFemale cat found in Ahmadi – 9th street. I found her in the garden house 58, block 15, street 9. She is very cute – black – brown with long fur and a very bushy tail.

Please leave a comment or contact PAWS in case if you know owner


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4 Responses to Cat found – Ahmadi, 9th Street

  1. ameera says:

    I found this injured cat in the car park, looks like she’s met with a car accident. She was treated for a fractured hind leg. She’s orange, white about one month old. Please help!

  2. Sulaiman says:

    Hi found a similar Persian cat in the Al Andalus area.

  3. Fatemah says:

    Blind domestic male cat was found in Al khaldiya area
    please help me to find a safe home for it.

  4. Luli says:

    I found a male persian mix please can someone adopt this poor thing.

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