Cat found – Ahmadi, 9th Street

2013_09_18_FoundCatFemale cat found in Ahmadi – 9th street. I found her in the garden house 58, block 15, street 9. She is very cute – black – brown with long fur and a very bushy tail.

Please leave a comment or contact PAWS in case if you know owner


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6 Responses to Cat found – Ahmadi, 9th Street

  1. sabah says:

    I have a one year age cat (orange color) who needs a shelter

  2. Amoonah says:

    Hi ,
    Thank u for your mercy for those poor cretures
    Suddenly I found this account on Instgram :
    He is in kuwait . He is also selling birds and parrots but he is tortures them and treat them by very bad way . Ones he drag a baby African Grey Parrot by cruelly and forcibly him outside from the cage .he also carryed Grean Wing Macow only by his wings and It looks so painfull !.
    Finally he posted a pic for a parrot with Cigarette in his mouth that he gaved it to him !!
    Please visit his account and look to all these bad pics that he did it posted it and help me to stop him from doing this for these poor birds .
    Thanks for u time
    Tell me if there any updates plz on my email :

  3. ameera says:

    I found this injured cat in the car park, looks like she’s met with a car accident. She was treated for a fractured hind leg. She’s orange, white about one month old. Please help!

  4. Sulaiman says:

    Hi found a similar Persian cat in the Al Andalus area.

  5. Fatemah says:

    Blind domestic male cat was found in Al khaldiya area
    please help me to find a safe home for it.

  6. Luli says:

    I found a male persian mix please can someone adopt this poor thing.