Found Dog – Jabriya, at former Japanese Embassy

Thin haired, golden and white dog. Appeared to be a female but I am unsure. Dog seemed to be in good health and appeared to be a domesticated dog. It was roaming around at 6am and then sat on some damp sand.

I tried to get the dog to get into my car so that I could deliver it to your shelter but it did not respond.

Dog was visibly clean but thin and my guess is that it has not been lost (or thrown out of its house) for more than a few days. The dog did NOT have a collar.

Please leave a comment in case if you know owner of dog.


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7 Responses to Found Dog – Jabriya, at former Japanese Embassy

  1. Sareena says:

    Hi rola,

    for two days, we found some puppies near to a shop in Mangaf 4th block area. no one to feed properly.


  2. Rola says:

    Hi fadi,

    Sorry i was out of the country , do you still see the dog or her puppies?


  3. Fadi says:

    I passed by again with Maxi – the dog – and guess what I found…. Puppies… Four or five of them… Strangely, mother was nowhere to be found.



  4. Fadi Adel El-Rayes says:

    i saw the dog today and yesterday. actually Maxi found her… but I did not want to bring two dogs fighting so I had to leave her alone.

    but she was hiding behind the cement barrier near the Jap embassy. You can easily spot her behind the cement barrier.

    let me know if this helps.

  5. Rola says:

    Hi again ankit,

    Could you please reply whther the dog has been rescued or found its owner? Cuz i just went and searched the area , didnt find the dog.


  6. Rola says:

    Hi ankit,
    We also could help to pick the dig, please reply if you still see the dog


  7. Ana says:

    Have you seen the dog again? I could try to have friend pick it up and deliever it to the shelter…