2011 Dog Show

The 6th Annual PAWS for the Cause Kuwait Dog Show 2011

Registrations now closed, please email pawsq8@yahoo.com for more details

Registration is now open for entry into the 2011 ‘PAWS for the Cause’ Kuwait Dog Show. The show will take place in the beautiful gardens of the British Embassy on Friday March 4th from 11 – 4pm. Join us for a variety of lighthearted dog shows, Best Junior Handler, Most Mysterious Heritage and the Pet Pageant, (to name but a few). Shop for pet products, visit a variety of stalls, strut your mutt for others to admire or enjoy a tasty lunch in the gardens.

PAWS’ Dog Show is always a fun filled event for all the family, whether or not you own a pet! If you wish to enter your dog into the show, or attend without pets, download the registration form from the PAWS’ website www.paws-kuwait.org This is strictly a pre-registered event and no ‘walk-ins’ by un-registered guests can be permitted.

Full names of all attendees must be submitted in advance via the show registration form (on website). All participating dogs must be pre registered and adult Civil ID (or passport) must be shown on entrance.

Completed registration forms can be left at drop off points on certain days, details of these will be found on our website. Please ensure you bring your form with correct admission fee to one of these venues. Registration closes March 2nd. It is not necessary to own or bring a dog in order to enjoy a fun-filled family day out.

Entry is strictly by pre-registration of pets and people. Please read show rules and regulations on the Registration Form carefully. NO MOBILE PHONES WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE EMBASSY

Protecting Animal Welfare Society, Kuwait is affiliated to KEPS, Kuwait Environmental Protection Society, WSPA, World Society for the Protection of Animals, The RSPCA International and MENAW, Middle East Network for Animal Welfare www.paws-kuwait.org pawsq8@yahoo.com

Application Form Drop off Points:

  • 9th February 10.00am -12.00 pm – Starbucks Palms Hotel
  • 14th February 6.00pm-8pm – Starbucks Hilton
  • 21st February – 6.00pm-8pm -Monday evening , Starbucks Palms  Hotel (between these hours only please) Please look for a PAWS representative
  • 23rd February – 6.00pm-8pm – Wednesday evening , Starbucks Hilton (between these hours only please) Please look for a PAWS representative
  • 2nd March – 10am – 12pm – Wednesday Morning, Palms Starbucks. Please look for a PAWS representative
  • 2nd March – 6.00pm-8pm – Wednesday Night, Hilton hotel Starbucks Please look for a PAWS representative
    BLOCK 1
    BLDG 37,
    TEL: 2372 6868
    TEL # 2571 9050
    OPENING TIMES 10am – 08.30pm


PAWS_for_the_Cause_form 2011

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26 Responses to 2011 Dog Show

  1. Open times as per post. There are no PAWS representatives onsite. You have to leave your application at reception.

  2. LilxE07 says:

    are other two places (except starbucks ones) available all times?
    are there paws representatives ?

  3. Jan says:

    We took out this category this year because it was the least popular last year and we like to make things a little different each year so it does not get boring. We have the PET Pageant round again this year where the dog can be dressed up, any way you like….you too if you wish, do come along it will be bigger and better this year

  4. kuwait-lovers says:

    is there categories for : best dress like owner???
    you have it last year?
    why you do not put it in this year completion ?
    i can not join to the show if you do not have best dress

  5. Jan says:

    You can drop off at Hilton this coming Monday evening, there will also be another drop off at the Palms hopefully next week.

  6. It is true statement for Kuwait. There is restrictions to access some places but not to degree which is make it impossible. Try to use alternative location, which is publicly accessible. We will review additional locations and will post it in the coming week.

    PAWS Kuwait Team.

  7. LilxE07 says:

    can i go to N-STYLE NAIL LOUNGE anytime? or is there time limit like other ones?
    also is it only for females to go nail lounge? cuz in kuwait everything is separated.

  8. PAWS representatives will be at there during that time. You should be easy to recognize them because they should have PAWS related logos, etc on the table.

  9. galia says:

    Hi, so ill drop off the applications tomorrow at Starbucks from 10-12pm.. is their someone represents Paws there? or i shall drop off the application to the cashier?

  10. We corrected problem on the system. Form are available for download by clicking on PDF and Word icons at the bottom of the post.

    PAWS Kuwait Team

  11. Arun says:


    I am not able to download the form from the website, can u pls help me out.


  12. Jamie says:

    I am trying to access the registration forms, but it keeps coming up page not found. can you help?

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  14. It will be in the garden of British Embassy. Your donation will be appreciated. Right now we are looking for donation in order to vaccinate all dogs and cats at shelter.

    PAWS Kuwait Team

  15. shahad says:

    where is it going to be?????? and please email me or comment :) im willing to donate :)