Doris and Jenny – France is new home country

Doris and Jenny are both rescues from PAWS, they have been in the shelter for a long time; a wonderful volunteer family fell in love with both of them. They were walking the two dogs for a couple of month every weekend and were amazed by their wonderful characters, so they made a stunning decision and sent them to France to their family. Since Doris and Jenny arrived there they are enjoying long walks in a wonderful environment and the unconditional love of their new family.

Stories like that make us continuing our difficult, but necessary work here in Kuwait. GOD bless you.

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2 Responses to Doris and Jenny – France is new home country

  1. Trisha Dick says:

    We are now the lucky mum and dad to Doris and Jenny. They are such lovely girls and have settled with us very well.They love the French lifestyle and go with us almost everywhere. The beach is their favouite place for a walk but they love anywhere. Jenny as you can see loves the water and swims whenever she can, Doris paddles. They play together and love the freedom of the garden where they chase birds or anything else. Thank you PAWS for giving them a break.

  2. Lone Bach says:

    Beautifull dogs for beautifull people..!