Emergency Help Needed – Temporary power generator for shelter

Dear PAWS Supporters,

Following the extremely high temperatures being experienced in Kuwait at the moment, rumours are circulating that the government plans to carry out periodic electricity cuts. We do not know at present if there is any truth in these rumours but nevertheless we must start to make plans.

At our animal shelter in Wafra right now the situation is already desperate, one of our air-con units breaks down daily and the heat is causing severe logistical problems.

If we lose our power we will inevitably have fatalities as many animals will not survive these 50 plus temperatures, no matter how hot you think it is right now its always 4-5 degrees hotter down in Wafra.

The cost of an emergency generator is prohibitedly expensive so we are asking if anyone has access to one that we might borrow, then we can use it if the situation becomes worse and our power is cut….any help with this or any air conditioning units would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any connections with companies or individuals, it would be enormously helpful if you could contact them and try and get a generator and/or fuel donation.

Please contact PAWS by email or leave comment in case if can help.

The PAWS Kuwait Team

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9 Responses to Emergency Help Needed – Temporary power generator for shelter

  1. Pramod KM says:

    It is very sympathetic the situation of Dogs & Cats, especially Dogs in Abbasiya as the summer in peak none of them getting water to quench a thirst & eat. Cats can atleast find some corner to lay down but poor Dogs cannot. I have seen some laying in drainage water totaly dead like, many of them met with accident. I feel totally sad.

  2. Many thanks for ~Cesar who donated and spent his time to arrange delivery and installation of generator.

    Thank you very much.

    PAWS Kuwait Team

  3. Cesar says:

    I would like to extend my appreciation to Duminda and Mimi. They have helped me with attaining the Power Generator for Paws-Kuwait. I feel a debt of gratitude is deserved to them both. If not for their help and persistence. This endeavour to donate the generator to Paws would never have taken place. They were of great assistance, even with just answering the phone or text message. They were instrumental to your organization with having it finally be allowed through Customs. They succeeded in attaining this for you, when I was about to return it from doubts it would never be allowed in. They have saved the day, not only for your organization, but to myself as well.

    Thank you Duminda and Mimi, for being able to help complete what was started so many months ago. Thank you for your persistence, when I was faltering. Thank you simply for caring enough to see things through.


  4. Summary of setup (Requirements):

    • 29 AC units (11 split units and18 window AC)
    • Units installed in 7 different porta cabins
    • Average power requirements for each unit is around 2.5 Kwatts. Total: 72.5 K watts.
    • Voltage – 240V
    • Currently units connected to MOE (possible 1 phase, need to be checked in more details)
    • Generator need to be in standby mode – will be used only when MOC will disconnect power supply
    • Generator can be setup for balance during start since we can control each cabin separately and can connect cabins to different phases.

  5. Article is in Arabic. Please use Google language tool if you want it to be translated to your language.


  6. mai maamoun says:

    here the link for the story i put about the power cutting sorry i had to say that some animals died already so they someone move out there


  7. mai maamoun says:

    yes we collect donations for new AC units but i think that the government should help us now & they should know that there is lives in this shelter n not cut the power off
    i can make the message clear to them we got enough of their reckless reactions against animals in Kuwait actually also foreign labors too !

  8. Rola says:

    Hello PAWS, i agree with the donation. we can collect money and get a new generator. You should spread emails and put ads on Facebook im sure people will help!

  9. Guy Edwards says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Don’t have contacts I am afraid but can donate. What would be a usful donations over the summer months for repair or diesal costs?