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PAWS Kuwait! Is this the end?

Most of you know us. Most of you know what we have done for the animal situation in Kuwait for more than 7 years. Most of you know that we rescued over 3000 animals during that time. Most of you know how hard we have struggled all these years and how hard we fought to continue with our work in very difficult circumstances. Most of you know under which conditions we rescued, saved, treated, sheltered and re-homed dogs, cats, donkeys, birds, horses and camels. Most of you know how stubbornly we provided education and advice in schools and in public to change the conditions for animals in Kuwait.

You might remember the time we had to leave our old place in Wafra because we were kicked out by the House of Development and we were so grateful to get the new accommodation in Kebed. We spent all our savings from the previous years to make this place a new home for our rescued animals. Now we have to move again…..

Due to personal reasons of the land owner, we got a very, very short notice to evacuate the shelter in Kebed. Within 2 months! We were shocked and desperate and angry at the same time!

Right now we have a terrible financial situation and are NOT able to move a whole shelter to another place we don’t have! We relied on the promises of the land owner to be safe for the next few years. A move to another place would cost us min. 12,000 KD to build up new runs for dogs and cats, to install a sewage system, to install power, to move all the porter cabins, most of them too old to move again!

So tell me , is this the end of PAWS? Was all our work and heart blood for nothing? Will we be the victims of the circumstances here in the state of Kuwait? Will our saved and abandoned animals be victims of a system, which doesn’t provide professional animal welfare in a targeted modern society?

Are we forced to give up, because powerful people change their minds from one day to another, because they don’t care if abused and rescued animals have to be put down in the worst case? Because authorities see us as an annoying group of people who fight for something unnecessary, minor…for animals? I SAY NO! We have the ethically responsibility to continue PAWS’ work!


PAWS needs your help so desperately right now, we can’t fight alone, we need people to support us to continue our work! We need a place to go where we are safe, where people understand that dogs and cats are the best friends of human beings, people who understand that we have to respect every creature in this world. We need money in case we find a place to move and give the abandoned and often tortured animals a new home, right now we talk about appr. 100 dogs and more than 80 cats, at least so long as YOU will come along and adopt them!

I swear by GOD we will fight for our animals and shelter as long as we can, but I beg you support us with labor work, construction material, financial donations, with advice and most importantly a place to go !

We will install a pay pal account on our website for donations, because it is a fact, we have to move!! We will try to negotiate more time to collect the necessary money. In case you want to call me personally, dial 99064229 or email me at

GOD / ALLAH help us! People, citizens of Kuwait, help PAWS!

Manuela Tague,

Chairperson of PAWS and on behalf all our friends and members



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22 Responses to PAWS Kuwait – Shelter Move

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  2. Rasha says:

    This is just horrible. You guys have done so much for the animal community here and deserve so much more than this. I hope this issue is resolved for the sake of the rescued animals who already have felt the pain of being abandoned. For it to happen again to them is just not fair nor is it right.

  3. Becky says:

    Hi Farah,
    No problem. Best days are Fridays or Saturdays until 2pm. Please let us know when you will be there. Thank you.

  4. Farah says:

    If I want to make an appointment but not for adopting (maybe) or anything but because as I told Ms.Winkler that us at AIS are organizing a fundraiser at our school and want to donate the amount needed. So I wanted to take pictures of PAWS and your dogs and cats for adoption for our campaign. How can I make an appointment?

  5. Rola says:

    @Fido as im a kuwaiti citizen and an active volunteer with PAWS i worked with other volunteers intensively to get a proper land we can use it to shelter our animals nor there wasnt any support from the government to at least give us a license to facilitate things like getting a legal long term contract for a land or even a local bank account registered under the name if PAWS. Above that we never tend to disrespect anyone and i dont see anything we said earlier offends either local authorities or anybody else. For your information we have a lawyer who we use his legal advices in sych matters. I know whats your problem is that you want to make up an issue and create a fuss around PAWS and i will be glad to take this matter (what you have accused us to a higher level) Its not healthy to throw accusation with no proof and as we said earlier we are more than happy to show and explain to our generoys supporters where their money goes, we welcome any question but with respect please.

  6. Jenan says:

    I think fido is the same person who called him self philorphist , they are the same people who constantly come here to insult paws and discourge people who believe in this cause to help. Shame on you instead of insulting and throwing false accusation why dont you give some help, not necessarily financial help at least you can help with the manpower.

  7. Becky says:

    Dear Fido,
    We are also glad he asked about the 12,000kd, we are happy to clarify for anybody who is in doubt and like to remain a completely above-board and transparent organization as we are run completely by volunteers.
    To answer your first question the money for the last move was partly funds which we had raised in the previous 5 years of operations, and partly a large generous donation. Unfortunately we have not had a chance over only last 2 years of being at the new shelter (it took almost a year to get it back to fully running condition) to raise enough to hold in stock for such a case like this. In fact we thought we would have the land for much longer, but were sadly mistaken.
    To answer your second question we could well have to move again, but we in the volunteer PAWS committee are trying our very best so that when we move this time we have land which we can keep for much longer (hopefully a farm area far from neighbours). The issue is that there are no zones in Kuwait for animal welfare shelters, and this is why even after 7 years we still cannot have legal land to call our own in which we can keep (so you can understand our frustrations) .
    We definitely have a Plan B if we do not raise the money, as we in the Committee will not give up on the almost 200 animals we have in shelter. The money will be used for shelter of these animals only and we will ensure to update all PAWS supporters as we go with this.
    I must admit, I am a bit surprised when you mentioned our article for help was against Kuwaitis. I can assure you it is not meant in this way. We have several Kuwaitis whom we value both on our committee and amongst our volunteers, along with many other nationalities. The best thing about pets is they see no race or creed, and we do not discriminate either. You can understand our frustrations are only at the situation and not at the country – we wish we had national animal laws to back up our practices and support our work. Many of us have been living here a long time and call Kuwait our home, we would never jeopardize this. We see us building and having available a shelter service as an asset to the country, and we would like to work with the government so that we can help improve the situation for humans and animals to live together peacefully.
    Last point is that we use a professional qualified accountant for our practices (pro bono) and are willing to show or display any paperwork if specifically requested.
    Disclaimer: This is an open comment forum. Not everyone who posts here is representing the thoughts of PAWS or the committee. However PAWS will not post anything which disrespects anyone else’s race, sex or creed or verbally abuses any specific person. Thank you.