Fluffy – beautiful trained puppy for rehome

Fluffy was just 3 weeks old when he was found in the streets, thrown away like garbage. He was brought to Paws shelter but there were no available foster families. The manager didn’t know what to do! Fortunately we were out there on that particular day, walking dogs at Paws, my friend and I and our kids. Of cause we fell in love with the little cutie and had to help, for him to get a chance for life. He was just a baby…how could anyone throw him away!

My friend and I shared the fostering for some weeks, but now he lives permanently in my house with my dog (Smila) raising him. We have 4 cats, so he knows about claws! At the moment we are in the process of training him to do his things out side. It’s getting better by the day, but his bladder is still very small. We are also in the process of teaching him the skills: sit, stay, pee, down and of cause NO! He is walking very nicely in his leash. We always bring treats for his training outside, so he finds it very amusing to learn. We are educating him through patients, NOT PUNISHMENTS.

Fluffy is very lively and happy and love to explore the world. He has got his first 2 shots and the vet says he is in very good condition. He is still just a little boy and needs many hours of training and a lot of love and patients. I have good experience with dogs and find that Fluffy will be a really wonderful dog, who will guard the family and give it a lot of affection and love.

Unfortunately we cannot keep him, because we have a full house of animals. So please think about giving this sweet dog a permanent and loving home. You will not regret it.

Please leave a comment or proceed with adoption application form mentioning his ID: 240 in case if you would like to be his lovely family.

Sincerely, Lone Bach

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4 Responses to Fluffy – beautiful trained puppy for rehome

  1. Puppy adopted on 22nd of May, 2012. Post moved to Success Stories

  2. Farah says:


    I am soo sad for the little puppy!! I live in Mishref and have a female japanese spitz that is almost 1 year old. I am really interested in him. I am an experienced owner and just ADORE Dogs! I would love to see more pictures of him and if you can send me pictures and your contact info on my email farahi.ais@gmai.com that would be even better.

  3. Peter & Ayda Scheller says:


    We are a couple from Denmark and Turkey, recently moved to Kuwait. As we are both animal lovers and have vast experience in having dogs, it is only natural for us to want one here as well. Looking at this adorable puppy, our hearts melted completely, and we would like to know if he is still up for adoption. Please contact on the email given or on tel. 67782578


    Peter & Ayda Scheller

  4. janet t.daza says:

    my name is janet daza im interested adopt small dog only i leave in salmiya ds my cell # 66981021…thank you so much